Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Australia

There is one spot in New South Wales, which, by its picturesque name, must attract all who come to Sydney. It is the Blue Mountains, a magnificent plateau about 3,000 feet high, forming part of the great Dividing Range which runs the whole length of Eastern Australia. It was from Katoomba that I obtained my first view over these forest-covered cliffs and crags tinted a bluish-grey by the sunlight and the vast distances. Although these mountains are of rare beauty, the scenery is strangely different from the snow-clad peaks and rushing torrents which one usually associates with mountains. Their most striking characteristics are deep canyons worn by the torrents of past ages. Standing on a rocky ledge in the National Park, I looked across an immense stretch of billowy ranges and the tree-filled valleys of giddy depths. Here and there a lonely inaccessible crag stood out sharply defined against a cerulean sky.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls provides one of the most spectacular lookouts, waterfalls and bush trails in the Blue Mountains, the historic village of Wentworth Falls is a great base to explore the Blue Mountains National Park. The view from the top of the Wentworth Falls far surpasses that obtained after one has climbed down the hundreds of steps into the deep valley to see the fern gully into which these waters leap from a great height. When looking across from summit to summit the vastness and the colouring cause that involuntary indrawing of the breath which is the sure sign of a really awe-inspiring vista. Bluish-­purple ranges tower up to light-filled skies.

From Katoomba I travelled by electric hire car through valleys and over mountains, often clothed in forest, with a wealth of red Christmas bush, white flannel flowers, and the great scarlet blooms of the waratah, to the blue gums of the Kanimihla Valley and the world-famous Jenolan Caves.